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I Want To Be Loved

This song is by Cassandra Wilson and appears on the album Thunderbird (2006).

The spark in your eyes sets my soul on fire
Your voice is like a heaven above
The touch of your hand drives me insane
But baby, I wants to be loved

I'm crazy about every little thing you do
I cherish the way that you hug
Your kiss is so sweet, honey, it can't be beat
But baby, I wants to be loved

Every time I ask you for a date
You don't come at all, or you're mighty late
I ask you to dance; take a little spin
You say "Wait a minute Ma'am, bang bang... here come my friends"

I love the way you walk when you pass me by
Even when you try to shrug
You kill me, honey darling when you give me the eye
But baby, I wants to be loved

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