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This song is by Cass McCombs and appears on the album Dropping the Writ (2007).

Waking up to the breath of the shore
And feeling an aire I had never before
Windfall! Windfall!
Surrounding me!
Windfall! Windfall!
I ride on thee!
Flying through the amber clouds
Blowing words right from my mouth
Windfall! Windfall!
Take me away!
Windfall! Windfall!
To an endless day!
Now I don't much care for landlubbing
I was so desperate and young
You came beginning in the lobe of my lung
And ended at my heels!
The world is lost
Even the birds are tired
But I can fly with you
As long you can inspire
Heaven's Windfall!
Eyes in the sky
Feel the front come!
We will never die

Written by:

Cass McCombs