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Sacred Heart

This song is by Cass McCombs and appears on the album Prefection (2005).

Sacred Heart, surveyed from the summit,
A pantheon, distant as ever,
Echoing up the mountainside,
Escaped sound, like a vulcan kiss upon the forehead
Alas! Jimmy.
And all the members of the covenant
Noble scholars,
Without you I'd have drowned in gutterwater
You, of course, have my infinite gratitude
You, My Most Sacred Heart
Yet I piss and moan for I have ____
Dearly Departed,
We are gathered here today in reverence
Dearly Departed,
We all will return to the soil
For all my Alas!-es,
I cannot mend this massive slashing
Futile beacon!
Cinderella's in the doghouse
The doghouse
The doghouse
No, love doesn't always boomerang

Written by:

Cass McCombs

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