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Meet Me at the Mannequin Gallery

This song is by Cass McCombs and appears on the album Humor Risk (2011).

The Secretary
Said the prices vary
To cast in one's image
So I made the pilgrimage

She told me a story
About the Model Lady
Whose features were subtle
She wanted her own model

The story continued
The Secretary enthused
How making the Model's model
Gave her staff trouble:

"You see, she had no features
Her face was smooth and clear
So it was very difficult
To sculpt an accurate result"

"But what is why we
Think some people have Beauty"
Said the Secretary
"At least this is my theory"

"Because they are featureless
Anyway, it caused us some stress
And we charged her according
To the time that was put in"

Then I wandered the warehouse
Among hundreds of models
And fiberglass aroma
Out there in Pacoima

Written by:

Cass McCombs