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Out Of My Reach

This song is by Cass Fox and appears on the album Come Here (2005).

Happiness and peace is getting more and more
Out of my reach
Ah, hey-ey!
Come in out of the rain

See, I play the game wrong
Tryin' so I do belong
Tryin' not to hurt too much
It ain't come easy for me

(No n'no no-na-no no no no)
(No n'no no-na-no no no)

Intentions that I have are good
At least they are instinctively
Well, just a while
Till the plan slips 'n' slides
Waiting for me

Oh, whoa, need a little bit o' love
Need a little bit o' peace
Need a little bit o' somethin'
Is all that I'm askin' for

See, it's just I'm tryin' hard
... [?]
Tryin' to be comfortable
It ain't been easy for me

Soemthin', there is somethin', girl
And show your face
I wish you would
I need a friend
Whose... [?]
'Cause bein' here is scary for me

I want peace
Joy and love
Joy and love
  • Sample taken from "Come In Out Of The Rain" (1972), by Parliament

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