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Sea Fingers

This song is by Casper & the Cookies and appears on the album The Optimist's Club (2007).

Look into my eyes
Can you see it?
You don't know what it is
But you want it
You can see it
It's wrong wrong wrong
Look into my eyes
And avoid me
Destroy me
I don't know why

Something's got a hex on me
Something's got a hex on me

Tiger star stolen
By some infernal
The innocent devil
Watch the compass spin
Horizon is swirling
You're surrounded
By a glow glow glow
Fingers from the sea
In all directions

Danger like a dagger now
Danger like a dagger now

You pin a dragon atop your hats
You're in the attic with the bats
In your address you're looking smart
A spade is tattooed on your heart

Written by:

Jason NeSmith

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