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Equal Thomas Ford

This song is by Casper & the Cookies and appears on the album Oh! (2004).

Who will play with me today?
Who will be my partner?
Who's the kid that floats around?
He's a trouble starter
Who's the kid that's going through his mama's pocket book and giving business to the ice cream man?
Call him Equal Thomas
I kinda wanna be him
No one else has met him 'cause no one else can see him
But I can see him
Hiding in the closet
Setting things on fire
Playing hooky ever day
That's Equal Thomas
Equal Thomas don't mean to be braggin' but one day he'll be driving his daddy's Volkswagon station wagon
Jumping over sprinklers
Tracking in the water
I caught him playing doctor with the neighbor's daughter
Equal Thomas Ford is making dinner
Individual slices
Slather on the peanut butter
Packin' Oscar Meyer in his Radio Flyer
Hookin' up his Big Wheels
Now he's a freedom rider
I can see him jumping over fences
Flying through the sky and talking about the weather there in California
Who will play with me today?
Who will be my partner?
Equal Thomas
Equal Thomas


Written by:

Jason NeSmith

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