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Barnacle Bill the Sailor

This song is by Casper & the Cookies and appears on the album Oh! (2004).

Sing me a parable
Whose lesson is too terrible
For pessimists like us to understand
I told you one about the snake
The one that made the big mistake
This one's about a rock
A sailor man who's long since docked
He lives on Mars, and Barnacle Bill is his name
His manner impolite and brusque
He sits alone upon the rust
His mind is far away from the crusty Martian floor
He is old and no one likes him anymore

Barnacle, Barnacle Bill,
Barnacle Bill the Sailor...

But if they'd known him as a boy…
He was volatile and erogenous
He rode a molten wave of joy
Before he settled down homogenous
Through the red clouds something fell
Which caught his eye and broke the spell
Made him forget why he was bitter.
Bill was filled with fright
The shiny traveler cast a brilliant crimson light
And sprayed the landscape with its glitter

It came to rest nearby
And with a cautious eye
He watched it open up and from inside
Emerged a thing he'd never seen
And then this alien machine
Did not address him or extend its fingertips
It simply bent down and kissed him on the lips.

Barnacle, Barnacle Bill,
Barnacle Bill the Sailor...


Written by:

Jason NeSmith

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