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​Why The Vultures Cry?

This song is by Casketgarden and appears on the album Open The Casket, Enter The Garden (2006).

I lay here in this sand of time
Grain crackles among my teeth
Face down-sucked by the ground
But this soil owns nothing that I have to stand up for
I could lift up my head but what is to see above
Dried grass-stealing through light
Carrion eaters growl
...Nothing to stand up for

Tear me-gnaw me-feed me
Why don't you smell the plague
Digest me shit me-utilize me

Why the vultures cry? round and round they fly
Why the vultures cry?
My dried bones are useless now
...Now and forever more

The north wind had to spread my smell
On this battlefield all around
Face down-deep to the ground
This soil feeds nothing but only a lonely corpse
Time to realize that bones are nothing for
No food-crying vultures
Starvation is that growl
...Nothing to stand up for

I'm weak to be flesh that's all
Underneath everything
Their flight is so wonderful
Face down- I'm bones on the ground
My only dream is that growl
My only dream is that growl