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One More Lie

This song is by Casketgarden and appears on the album Open The Casket, Enter The Garden (2006).

Feelings within deleted with a blink of an eye
Promise of love terminated just one more lie

My life fades away and the blood my heavens weep Will penetrate my soul
This thirstiness of grief the lost chance to believe My body lost control
...Sadness To Behold

Ashes To Ashes Dust To Dirt

Heart is burden relentless with this stone inside
My struggle to believe tormented by branding iron of lie

Ashes to ashes dust to dust
The new beginning is lie
From embers to fire from fire to ash
To believe is dirt and must die

Ashes to ashes dust to dirt... and the old doctrines will never be heard
Feelings within deleted, buried deep in the ground
Belief in love terminated.

Just one more lie...
...Will penetrate my soul
This thirstiness of grief
My body lost control
Sadness to behold

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