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You Were Alone

This song is by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone and appears on the album Vs. Children (2009).

You were alone
I saw you from that second story window
No sign of Jerome
He burned your would'ves
Right down to the cinders

So why'd you go
The party's full of friends
That you lost in the break up
Did you think he'd show
And be impressed by a new dress
And your sister's make-up

You were alone
Canvassing to save your reputation
Sobbing to Simone
About how he up and left no explanation

And how you drove
Out to his place to pound the door
And wake the neighbors
Till they yelled he ain't home
Now go and get some sleep
Do us a favor

You were alone
Hiding from the rain in the gazebo
Shivered to the bone
And hoping for a taxi to retrieve you

Well if you need a ride home
I'm on my way up to Orinda
And you can wear my coat

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