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White Corolla

This song is by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone.

Your little white car looks like a rental
And it's stalled at the save-on 'cause the starter's temperamental
Call your boyfriend it goes to voice mail
Leave a message, baby, get me please
Wait at the laundromat read a magazine
Tear out the page with the picture of some shoes
You get impatient go to a cafe
See a girl from your high school but you look away
You take your coffee black, the way your mother would
One packet sweet 'n' low one packet sugar
Your boyfriend texts you he's sorry that he's late
He didn't hear the ring he's on his way, on his way...

You take your cough drops you call them hoarse pills
But they won't help anything if you keep smoking
Go to a movie go to the rodeo
Ride the train with the vagrants and watch the buildings fall away

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