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I May Have

This song is by Cash ORiley and appears on the album Booze, Lust, Lies & Heartaches... (2004).

I may have become a man too soon
I may have slid by a few of the rules
And sometimes rolled cigarettes won't do
I may have been bold but I held my own
I've walked the streets and felt the blows of the cold
And sometimes I think of you
Oh baby, I still do

I may have quit alot of jobs that I didn't see fit
I may have spent my money on booze and not rent
And sometimes a woman or two
I may have smoked all night and slept all day
I may have traded true love for a roll in the hay
And sometimes, I chased you
Oh Baby, I still do

I may have told a couple lies
Got a few needles in my eye
I may have hurt you that night
But I never set out to be the one
Who could dry your tears and keep you off the run
So Baby, don't say goodbye

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