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Crank Dat Yank

This song is by Cash Camp 22.

Its Time To Do My Dance [x8]

Lean To The Left Now Lean To Da Right Throw Dat Bitch Up Ready Now Ride Watch Me Crank Dat Yank Watch Me Crank Dat Yank Watch Me Crank Dat Yank Watch Me Crank Dat Yank Step It To Left Now Step It To The Right Throw Dat Bitch Up Catch It Now Slide Watch Me Crank Dat Yank Watch Me Crank Dat Yank Watch Me Crank Dat Yank Watch Me Crank Dat Yank.

[Verse 1:]
Me And My Niggas Cumin Through Yea Young Jid Off In Da Buildin So Its Best Youll Make Room We Bout To Crank It Up We Bout To Act A Fool And Wen Yo Girl See Da Camp I Gurantee She Gone Choose Cause A Nigga Clean Ass Hell From My Head To My Feet I Can Crank It In The Club Or I Can Yank It In The Streets Rock To Left Slide Then U Switch Places Lean To The Right Steppin Like The Temptations Yank Dat Bitch Back Then Get Jiggy Wit It Real Fast Then You Crank Dat Hi-Five And Then You Jock It On His Ass Wind It Up Bring It Bac Den U Go Slow U Supposed To Swing Your Arms As If You Was Playin Jump Rope Toss It In The Air Catch And Strike A Hoe Pose Crank Dat Camp Walk And Then U Yule Snap And Roll And Crank Datwest Shit If U Wanna We Takin Ova The Flo The Camp Stand On Top And Still Superman Dat Hoe.


[Verse 2:]
I Throw It Up (I Throw It Up) I Catch That Bitch (I Catch That Bitch) I Yank And Jump I Jigg Dat Shit And Then I Poole Palace Crank Dat Soulja Boy Im Jiggin In Dem Bapes U Dancin In Some Souljas Boy Now Walk It Out Gone And Do Yo Dance On Em Folk Hooly Hoopin 2 Steppin Crank Dat Jump Rope Niggas Hatin While Dey Skatin We Be Jiggalatin We Gettin Money Lil Buddy So Why You Staedy Passin Stop That Playa Hatin And Start Dat Paper Chasin We On Da Roads Doin Shows Cause We Steady Yankin Its Yo Yella Boy Thicker Than Dem Other Dudes Stay Wit Dem Calard Greens And I Aint Talkin Soul Food


[Verse 3:]
Oh Yes It's Me Lil Playboy The Motha Fuckin Great Cashcamp Is In The Building So Its Time To Crank The Yank Lean Wit It Rock Wit It Do It How We Do It Niggas Envy Us Yep Yep She Choosin Gone Off Dat Goose While My Niggas On That Purple Dipping Colors On My Chain Diamonds Like Olympic Circles Jiggin Wit Dem J's But Yankin Wit Dem Bapes On This Aint No Poole Palace Hell No Dis Aint No Fabo I Show You How To Do It First You Wind It Up Catch The Beat And Follow Me And Do It Just Like Us Bouncin On Yo Toes And Work Yo Shouldas At The Same Time You Can Do It By Yoself Or Wit Yo Friends And Form A Line C-A-M-P Nigga We On Deck Made The Whole World Dance Wen We Crunk The Superman Roll It Up Get Crazy Wit It Snap Yo Fingers Just Like Dat Brand New Dance Just Hit The Streets Now Yank Dat Bitch And Bring It Bac.

[Chorus x2]

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