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​Camp Walk

This song is by Cash Camp 22.

(Hook) its time to do my dance (x8)
Now watch me walk dat b***h camp walk dat b***h (x4)
(Young Jit) c_a_s_h h** c_a_m_p hood nigga camp walk and tel yo man to get like me 2 step camp slide watch me crank it in slow mo I'm gettin' jiggy in dis b***h and bout to yank it in dis h** rubba bands on my neck drop a pound on my fist boy we gettin' to da money bout 10 stacks on my wrist and I stay ridin' clean 2.5 on my house boy don't feed me no salt I got dem slugs in my mouth swing to da right then toss a couple stacks watch me lean to da left and bring dat b***h back cash camp crank kings brah we gettin' to da dough young Jit get it crunk now watch me skeetit on dat h** I can't even lie nah I ain't gon front ima always keep it real and always gon stunt make my way to da middle we gon crank it up real fast if you ain't about dat cash we gon walk it on yo ass
Wat hatinnin camp walk dat b***h I'm to clean wit dis hit ice froze on my wrist d**n ain't dat a b***h now jiggy real low time to yank it in slow mo and camp walk it on da flo bounce it on yo toes crank dat shoulda work as you go catch me jiggy in it real low and I'm jokin on des hoe catch it strike it in her hole and don't hate cause yo girl chose and dis shit here bouta blow des niggas already know camp walk dat bitch cause my flo is supa fly and if you can't walk dat bitch then don't even try to bite 'cause we's get jiggy ova here different shows fo different nights and if yo swagg is out of gear you betta change like mountain bikes that's right I know you jig and if you can't then your already slow my jig now take a picture cause the figures in my wrist cost mo then yo house plus she like the way I jig and the golds in my mouth my swagg is fergalishes with the aqua numba Ace toss the stacks from my pocket you can call me bill gates camp walk dat bitch poolpalace all night fruity pebbles on my shirt sumthin like a food fight
Cash camp on deck boy you know wat time it is boy we came to make you dance like michael jackson in da wiz holdin' up my pants camp walkin' on dem hatas they luv to watch us do it cause the camp got flaver flyer than an eagle hotter than a raidater we keep dat cash flo movin like an escalator if you don't want to do it then boy I'll see you later camp walk it out from bankhead to decator it ain't hard to do put sum pep off in yo step but if a hater throw sum salt camp slide it to the left you can do it how you want look it's all in yo swagg the only rule there is to do it is to make them hatas mad now walk it on da flo camp walk it on da flo yeah you got 'em choosin' hard so camp walk it on dat hoe A-town fitted wit my dreads out da back new Js on my feet fresher than sum plastic wrap