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​Why You Wanna Play With Me

This song is by Cash.

Why you wanna play with me
Oh why
Say you wanna be with me
Don't lie
Why you calling on the phone
When I
Said you should leave me alone
Oh my

Know you got your man
And I've got my girl
So won't you understand
That this will never work
Now I realise
I see right through your game
'Couse I got hypnotized
By the foult you never famed
I will /ring/ the man
Who trying to be real
I hope you understand
Exactly how I feel
This for all the girls
Who have their alabi


But my love is real
Be real
And my heart is real
Be real
And my words are real
Be real
So why can't you be real

You will never know
Just how much I care
You say you...
Sometimes I wish that I
Was a little bit more like you
Just so I can do
All the hurtfull things you do
And just walk away
Without any care in the world
This is have to say
But you ...
Now I see devils in your eyes