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Save Me Now

This song is by Casey Desmond.

I never questioned why
So my answers are few and my mouth is dry and you
You never wanted to know
But there is someone inside that ain't letting go
Time is nothing but forever
And forever, 7 letters that the human will just never comprehend
When's the end? When's the end?
I never heard of this
It's this word that you keep on saying, praying that it's bliss and I
I could swore I knew
That a kiss was just a good, but I know I'm not you
So I'm searching and I'm yearning for these words you keep on learning
Bout life that you will never understand
Where's your hand? Where's your hand?

How? Who's gunna save me now?
How? Who's gunna save me now?
How? Who's gunna get me out?
Who's gunna save me, when no one's around.

I never got too far
I'm a little tiny firefly floating in a jar
You're a sadistic kid
Whose making it harder to push the lid
So I'll die inside my prison, and the day that I am risen
As a little tiny cloud in the sky
You'll watch me cry, you'll watch me cry

There are reasons why I'm quiet, and I never say I do
'Cause I'm worried 'bout the way of things happen when I'm with you

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