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My Stove Won't Work

This song is by Casey Bill Weldon and appears on the compilation album Casey Bill Weldon Vol. 1 1935-1936 (1993).

Well well I took my meal and flour, tried to make my dough
I looked at my stove and it wouldn't cook no more
I taken my pots and skillets, I throwed them on the floor
And I taken my last pound of coffee, whoo ooh, and I laid it on the shelf
Well well I'm gettin' tired a, whoo ooh, tired a sleepin' by myself

Well well I'm just a traveler, mama I travel all around
And all I do mama is travel from town to town
Anybody asks you my name and asks you where I been
Tell 'em I'm the devil, whoo ooh, I mean from the lion's den
Well well my chief occupation, whoo ooh, is takin' women from their men

Well well I was born in Texas, raised in Georgey
I been to Alabama, also to Louisiana
But I stopped by here mama, whoo ooh, on my way to Tennessee
Well well if you ain't got nobody, whoo ooh, mamma won't you please take a chance on me

Well well some like short women, some like 'em a lookin' low
But if you ask me what kind I like buddy I'll tell you I don't know
That some like their women, whoo ooh, I mean yellow black and brown
I don't care what kind you bring me, whoo ooh, because I'm goin' all the way 'round

Well well some folks don't like me because I speak my mind
But the womens all like me because I take my time
You meet me tomorrow mama, I'll be like a lion tamer
Well well how can I miss you baby, whoo hoo, well well when I got dead aim



October 31, 1935; Chicago, IL

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