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The Last Thought I'll Have Before I Die

This song is by Cary Judd and appears on the album Looking Back From Space (2006).

She's a fuse on fire, a punch to the jaw, she's a work of art
A bloody nose, panty hose on her head as she stole my heart

She's a candle in a room on the floor with a lock on the door
And I'm her puddle of wax, she might melt me some more before she's through
Yeah you.

You're the last thought I'll have before I die
You're the one song I sing that makes me cry
You're the last thought I'll have before I die
And time won't make a difference

My clumsy heart skipped a beat, I went to sit down she pulled away my seat
In a flash of light, I turned around to put up a fight but she was gone
Yeah she was gone

So take my song and turn it around, you are butterfly kisses
You're the pieces I'm missing
And the only difference is if you stay or leave

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