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​Shame And Gold

This song is by Cary Judd and appears on the album Looking Back From Space (2006).

I stand in the moment of the picture when the glass breaks and the first cracks form caught in a still frame of a strobe flash light on a thread of time and glass is flying
From a window that divided the cold from the warm insides where we hide from the secrets that we all hold like shame and gold, stories full of holes

Are we dying? Were we ever alive?
Are we lying? Is that how we survive?
Are we crying over nothing? It's all for nothing...
Or are we alive at the beginning of forever?

I prayed so hard to just to believe it, I never see it, I never see you I always doubt, then bang it out, this drumming heart is where I started
Sometimes nothings real but what you think, and in what you feel you'll find that nothing's fake. But if it's all so clear I'll disappear, floating, flying, never dying

Counting days, do they measure up to anything real?
The days unwind, you can only choose from what you find

I think we're alive at the beginning of forever