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We Like Girls

This song is by Cartoon Planet and appears on the album Brak Presents The Brak Album Starring Brak (2000).

I want a girl
who thinks I'm smart
about stars and cars and birds and worms and art.
I want a girl;
Someone who won't think I'm dumb...
as I am!
and that's dumb!
You can say that again!
And that's dumb!
Don't say that again.
Whatever you say.
Alright, I'm singing now.
I want a girl,
who thinks I'm cute,
even when I wear my birthday suit!
I want a girl...
Ah, someone who likes long walks in the rain...yeah...
and burglary...
and larceny...
and bribery...
Next verse...
Oh we don't care
about shape or size,
true, we don't,
about the number of heads or tails or horns or eyes.
We like girls!
Yes, it's true, we really do...
We like girls!
We like girls!
We like girls!

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