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We're Buds

This song is by Cartoon Planet and appears on the album Brak Presents The Brak Album Starring Brak (2000).

I'm not like you,
And you're not like me. Hee hee!
We're about as different
I know! As different can be.
We don't look the same.
We don't act the same.
We're from different species
With different names.
You're from outer space.
You're from somewhere else.
You wear an uniform.
And it really smells!

We're buds, we're buds, through thick or thin,
Side by side
Like bowlin' pins!
They say that opposites attract.
That's right,
It's a fact,
Oh yeah,
We're buds!


Sing it, baby!
Though you're not like me,
I toldya, I know!
And I'm not like you. I toldya.
Brak, we must have something in common.
Sure! Well, um, no - I don't believe we do.
You're so brash and bold.
You're so cool and calm.
I own a big old house,
I live with my Mom!
I'm extremely smart.
I'm extremely not.
I like vichyssoise!
I like tater tots!
You got great big fangs!
They came with my head!
Don't know how or why,
But it's like we said!

We're buds, we're buds, through high and low,
Like Fred and Ricky on the Lucy Show!
They say that opposites attract.
You got that right, sister!
And it must be true, hey, look at me and Brak!
It's a fact,
Oh yeah,
We're buds!

I harmonized there and it was pretty.
We're buds!
We're buds!