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I'm Gonna Kick Your Ass (Zorak)

This song is by Cartoon Planet.

I wanna kick your ass until your head falls off.
Then I'll kick your head and kick your ass again.
Why, I don't think you got the message.
Open the door sucker,
It's Zorak!
Here to kick your ass!
Your ass.
I love beating people up,
It's what I do.
And if your lameass had any friends,
I'd kick their asses too.
Everytime I see you coming I feel sick,
But at least I know your ass is mine to kick.
Why don't you bend that fat load over?
Hold it steady.
Zorak's ready.
To kick your ass!
I'm gonna kick your right cheek, then I'll kick your left cheek.
Oh... Then I'll kick both cheeks right on into next week.
Gonna turn my foot sideways, gonna kick that ass for days.
There's another clueless chump.
Time to let my foot meet rump.
Kick your ass.
Kick your ass.
Kick your ass.
Kick your ass.
I'm gonna kick your ass.