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Brak's Tales Of Suspense

This song is by Cartoon Planet.

The other night, I was sittin' around watching scary movies
When all of a sudden...
Dun dun da duh!
The phone rang
I picked up the phone and the voice said "Aye aye budow"
Dun dun da duh!
And I said "Who is this?" and they hung up
Dun dun da duh duh!
Not long after, the phone rang and I picked it up and the voice said
"Hey did you bawanah ahooba snah..." And then they hung up
Dun dun da duh!
But this time I was thinkin' "Boy oh boy am I ever frightened"
Dun na deh deh!
So I called the operator and said
"Could you please, very kindly, trace the next call and call me back,
And tell me who's calling me? Dun dun da dah!"
And the operator said "Please deposit 25 cents"
De ne ne ne ne neh!
And I said "Are you nuts?"
Dun na nuh nuh, na na neh!
The phone rang again, and sure enough, the voice said
"Bedo awoooooh I gotta" And then they hung up
And then the operator called and said "The last call came from your house!"
Buh deh na deh deh!
And I said "Somebody's in the house! OH NO!"
Dun na deh duh!
And then the operator said
"Oh wait wait I'm sorry, I was looking at your number!
And the last call actually came from the old crazy house down the road..."
And I said "Oh that's Crazy Joe and I wonder what he wanted?"
Buh de na de nah!

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