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Brak's Hawaiian Vacation

This song is by Cartoon Planet.

Mele kalikimaka Everybody
My name is Brak and in Hawaiian that means fish food!
Here's a song about my recent trip to hawaii
I hope you love it!
I stepped off the aero-plane and
Lady came and kissed my cheek
She put flowers around my neck and said
"I'm Leilani Smith!"
Then she took me to my limo
That's a great big Cadillac
Then she told me "Welcome to Hawaii!"
And then she danced
Her grass skirt was swishin around
I said "How do you do that?"
She said stand and shake it all around, woo woo!
And, so I did
But I didn't have a skirt
I just had my pants on
Didn't look as good
Then I got back on the airplane
I was sad to leave Hawaii
But I got some pictures and a tiki souvenir

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