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Set In Stone

This song is by Carry Your Ghost and appears on the album Weight Of The World (2012).

Last year I learned to silence regret
For the sake of moving on
And the bitterness only comes to light
When I let my outlook fade

There are just so many thing I've come to question
Over these past few years
That make it hard to put my faith in anything
But my own way of thinking
Or maybe that's just selfish taking hold

Life goes on this I know
But still the distance grows
I never knew that holding on
Would be just as hard as letting go

Life goes on

That's not to say that I'm ready to run from this
We've only started finding footholds
And all of our efforts will not be in vain
This is the price we pay for not accepting complacency

These words are set in stone
Despite my fear I know that I am not alone

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