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This song is by Carry Your Ghost and appears on the album Weight Of The World (2012).

Existence is where I take myself
I lie awake at night, knowing that there is something more
It's the lush green fields, where I lay my head at night
Colors distorted, along with the purpose
The ever pressing thought consumes my head
Little by little, they weave their web
Around my being
Over my ears
Haphazardly through my hair

They advance
Without direction
Without control
Without limitations
With every move I make
I hope to everything that I don't slip into reality
Which I grip so firmly onto
The reality which I so long to be without
And when I release my grip and allow my weight to slip
I am truly free

I realize my potential
I realize what it is I need

I realize what I had been fighting all along
Were the reasons I couldn't love home

As I transcend beyond myself
I am truly free

I am truly free

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