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​Family Matters

This song is by Carry Your Ghost and appears on the album Decisions (2011).

Father and son, the bond I never had.
But looking back now, I can only be glad.

I never knew you
You never knew me

In your presence you bring other shame
In your absence I'll forever reign

Don't pretend that you've lived a life of hardhips
'Cause I can see the truth
A bottomfeeder living off the dreams of others
I am better off without you

You selfish piece of shit
When will you finally see
You have no fucking right
To call me your family

I sat and watched as I lost all I had known
Another wasted youth from another broken home
So tell me is this what you want?
Is this what you want?

The boy that was never heard
Is the monster that I face
I'm losing control

I cannot escape
The fact that every time I look in the mirror
I see your face

Your son will not be the same


As time goes on, there's one thing I can say
Being let down is getting to me

Father and son, the bond I never had