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This song is by Carry Your Ghost and appears on the album Decisions (2011).

I've said that this means everything to me.
We're ready to drop everything to make this dream a reality.
Some say I should want much more, but I have heard it all before.
"Just give up.
We won't support this.
You have too much to live for.
Whatever happened to the boy I knew before?"
You break my fucking heart.

(Daniel McWhorter of Gideon, formerly of The Advocate)
[I have given everything up for this.
You say you know right from wrong.
Take a look at yourself.
You have no right to criticize the life I lead.]

So fuck you all, I'm the same person that you knew.
My decisions have nothing to do with you.

So with that said I will follow my dreams until the end.
I never knew that this would hurt so much.
I've given everything up for this.
If it's the last thing that I ever do, I'll see this to the end.
I'll leave this town and never look back.

This is our decision.

(Daniel McWhorter of Gideon, formerly of The Advocate)
For so long I have lived in fear of myself and my decisions.
But no longer will I let my fears overwhelm me.

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