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Just Smile And Nod And This Conversation Will End In Twenty Minutes

This song is by Carry The Casket and appears on the split album Split (2005) by Carry The Casket and The Mistake.

Congratulations motherfucker
You've won this year's award
For "biggest sack of shit I've ever shared oxygen with"
You're too fucking dumb to be ignored
So, wipe that stupid face off your empty head
I don't fucking like you
I'm not your friend
Sick of stupid ethnic jokes and embellished sexist anecdotes
I just wanna fucking
Shut you up.
Skin color and gender aside, we're absolutely fucking nothing alike.
I don't appreciate the assumption that I give a fuck
I just wanna shut you up

I'm not on your fucking side.
We aren't allies
Fuck your life

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