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What Once Was

This song is by Carry On.

Looking at a faded photo of what once was - it's harder to believe there was so much pride - and honesty in what you wrote - you're making a comeback ten years later - what should I think - you want our money - fuck you, man - you ain't getting it from me - you're up on a stage without a clue - why can't you find something better to do - I look in your eyes and wonder what to think - your words don't seem true to me - what did you do with all that time - where did you think you'd be now - I know you think you've got everyone fooled - but there's still a lot of kids that can see right through - you fed a fire so long ago - but you forgot the feeling it gave you - you put to words the way we felt - you gave us so much more - now it's time you see what we have - we built this all ourselves - it's all our effort - it's all our blood - these feelings will never fade

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