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The Line Is Drawn

This song is by Carry On.

Do you know what it's like to be against the odds and reach for something that seems so out of reach - well I don't think you do - because you turn and run while opportunities pass you by - maybe if you saw through my eyes - you'd feel it's worth and you'd know what it means to try - and where do you get off putting others down when they fail - you played the role of an empty goal - quals no meaning - I can't say the same - it's in my sole - stay focused, it's always worth trying and I won't quit - because I thought you had more in you - but I guess that wasn't you - and now I know it takes more effort than what you gave - and I'm drawing the line, the line is drawn - you're in no position to look down on me - because we all have problems and we all fuck up - but the effort's for myself - I never did this shit for you - so don't waste your breath - because the line is drawn

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