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This song is by Carry On.

The more things change, the more they stay the same - caught in a cycle, when will it end - I don't know but you'll get yours and that's for sure - years fly by and the few stick together - wasting time on kids like you makes it harder - you'd never stand up for what you believe - you're too scared to be put down for having a mind of your own - you're only here to be a star - but that won't get you far - when I can see through all your lies - you won't get what you want - not this time - why are you here - I know just where you're at - you thought it was another scene - but you caught on quick and it's not what it seems - you don't know what this means - seen kids come around without a clue - they talk their shit but never followed through - living a lie, a month to a year - but never knowing what it means to keep it clear

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