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Check Yourself

This song is by Carry On.

What you said - and what you did - can never come close to the weight of the shit that's falling out of your mouth on this day - live fast, burn out quick, what else can I say - you're fucking with everyone's head - and you're losing my respect - that's something that I should expect - so tell me when did it change and was it always this way - when will you see what a joke you made out of yourself - can't you contain yourself - you put up a front and I want to tear it down - pull your head out of the clouds - if you think you'll pull it over me - you've got the wrong impression of who you think I am - I saw through your disguise - you're fucking drunk this time - I want you to know - you're dead in my eyes - push your way through the door - look me right in the eyes and you'll know - we don't want you around

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