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That's Where It Is

This song is by Carrie Underwood and appears on the album Some Hearts (2005).

In the circles I've been runnin'
I've covered many miles
And if I could search forever
For what's right before my eyes
Just when I thought I'd found it
It wasn't nothing like I'd planned
And when I got my heart around it
It slipped right through my hands
Here with you I feel it
Close my eyes and see it

In a midnight talk
In a morning kiss
When I'm in your arms
That's where it is
When we're tangled up
And can't resist
When we feel that rush
That's where it is....... That's where it is

When I'm crashing through the madness
Not sure who I'm supposed to be
When I'm caught up in the darkness
It's your hand that's leading me
You bring me back to solid ground
You lift me up right here, right now

It's a lifetime filled
With tiny graces
The biggest things
In the smallest places

In the sweetest smile
On a night like this
In a tender touch
That's where it is
When we're tangled up
And can't resist
When we fill that rush
That's where it is.... That's where it is

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