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I'm Not For Love

This song is by Carrie Rodriguez and appears on the album Love and Circumstance (2010).

I'm not for love
I'm not that kind
I've tried before
But I'm not right

I've seen a love
To last a life
I'm not for love
And compromise

I'm not for games
And shadows, friends
I play it straight
And not to bend

I may like the shape
These lovers built
I'm not for games
That never end

I think of [Incomprehensible] sunsets
Played in September
To keep all the devils at bay

And if I don't sleep then you'll find
That I'm fighting
In the night for the day

I'm not for sale
I'm not in line
I'm not the fairytale
Come true for some lucky guy

I've seen the stars
And it tasted stale
I'm not for love's
Sweet betrayals
Oh, I'm not for love's
Sweet betrayals


Written by:

Sandrine Jennife Daniels

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