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You Wonder Why I'm Gone

This song is by Carolyn Dawn Johnson.

"You left a message on my phone.
You knew I wouldn't be home.
You say it's love you wanna save.
Baby, you're so brave.

But the days have gone by
And I've had enough time to cry
And think about those words,
I can't forget I heard.

You say it's all my fault
And I pushed the final button.
I guess that gives you the right to say whatever you want
While I say nothin'.
And you keep going, on and on.
Pointing fingers at everything I do wrong
And you wonder why I'm gone.

After the damage has been done
You tell me that I'm the only one.
Well, baby, I'm confused,
Can't take anymore abuse.

How dare you say it hurts to hear the silence
Now that we're apart.
You should have thought about that
When you heard the sound of my breaking heart.

You wonder why I'm gone...
I'm gone.

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