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This song is by Carolyn Dawn Johnson and appears on the album Room With A View (2001).

There were forty little houses
And a place they called High River
And everyone knew
Tim since the day he was born
He was a little different,
Some might call it slow
But when Nelly moved to town she saw his heart of gold
They found each other and never spent another day apart
Whoever would have dreamed that in his quiet eyes
She'd find the peace to make her life complete

Oh you could say it was a work of art
That someone took a brush and painted their hearts
Together they made such a beautiful thing
Oh if there was anything that they could do right
It was painting love in the perfect light
So we could see that love is a masterpiece

Tim always had a little trouble with letters and numbers
So Nelly paid the bills and read all the mail
No one worked harder for miles around
Tim was the best farm hand
And Nelly was proud
A year went by of saving their nickels and dimes
They had a little boy
They named him Daniel
He became their pride and joy

Everyone said that they were so close to heaven
That they didn't have far to go
Somehow it all made sense they went together
That night on that dark road

Love is a masterpiece
Love is a masterpiece
Hey yeah
Love is a masterpiece
Is a masterpiece
Love is a masterpiece
Love is a masterpiece
Love is a masterpiece

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