Carolyn Dawn Johnson:He's Mine Lyrics

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He's Mine

This song is by Carolyn Dawn Johnson and appears on the album Dress Rehearsal (2004).

Every woman wants, Every woman needs
What everybody thinks is impossible,
A man who is strong, Admits he's wrong
Laughs along
And is up for anything and everything
A lot of heart, Not afraid to try a little
All my friends used to say where you ever
Gonna find a man like this
Well I got him

He's Mine
He makes me feel like a real live woman
Funny how a little love can get you so
Can't wait to get my hands on him
Tonight, Tonight
He's mine

The way he looks at me, Across a crowded
Room, Doesn't say a word
Man that moves me, That man loves me
He takes me in his arms, I open up my heart,
It's like the waters part
And it's just him and me, nothing in between
Just when I think it's never gonna get any
Better than this
He touches me tenderly and we melt together
In a long slow kiss

Repeat Chorus