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Die Of A Broken Heart

This song is by Carolyn Dawn Johnson and appears on the album Dress Rehearsal (2004).

I keep having these disturbing dreams,
My final days, the end of me,
For some odd reason I get one last wish,
And every time I wish for this...

Take me fast or take me slow,
I don't really care how I go.
In the daylight, or in the dark,
Just don't let me die of a broken heart.

The kinda pain that you just can't take,
That sends a strong man to his grave.
There's not a pill that can give you rest,
Or fill that hole deep in your chest.


Yeah, yeah.

I've been crushed by that hurt before,
There's no way I could take anymore.
If I fell in love and I found it out it would happen again,
I'd say take me now.

Chorus. (x2)

No, don't let me die of a broken heart.

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