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Room With A View (2001)Edit

Carolyn Dawn Johnson - Room With A View
Room With A View
  1. Georgia
  2. Just Another Girl
  3. I'll Think Of You That Way
  4. Love Is Always Worth The Ache
  5. Complicated
  6. I Don't Want You To Go
  7. You Are
  8. Masterpiece
  9. Little Bit Of This, Little Bit Of That
  10. One Day Closer To You
  11. Room With A View

Canadian Bonus Tracks

  1. Tumble And Roll
  2. Not Enough To Stay

Dress Rehearsal (2004)Edit

Carolyn Dawn Johnson - Dress Rehearsal
Dress Rehearsal
  1. Dress Rehearsal
  2. He's Mine
  3. Simple Life
  4. Die Of A Broken Heart
  5. We Talked
  6. God Doesn't Make Mistakes
  7. Squeezin' The Love Outta You
  8. Head Over High Heels
  9. My Little Secret
  10. Just Another Plane
  11. Life As We Know It
  12. I'll Let You Go

Love & Negotiation (2006)Edit

Carolyn Dawn Johnson - Love & Negotiation
Love & Negotiation
  1. Love & Negotiation
  2. Taking Back My Brave
  3. Got A Good Day
  4. Thinkin' Things
  5. Everybody's Favourite
  6. Dreaming Without You
  7. Crybaby
  8. Little Breakdowns
  9. All You Need To Know
  10. Into You
  11. Nothing Good About Lonely
  12. Got There First

Love Rules (2010)Edit

Carolyn Dawn Johnson - Love Rules
Love Rules
  1. Let Me Introduce Myself
  2. The Whole Thing
  3. I'd Still Have You
  4. Stop For Me
  5. Reach You
  6. Hangin' On
  7. What If
  8. Bitterness
  9. I Just Want My Life Back
  10. At The Time
  11. Teach Me
  12. Love Rules

Other SongsEdit

  1. After A Kiss
  2. Dissillusioned Heart
  3. I'm Yours
  4. Just About Anything
  5. Just Because
  6. Living On The Moon
  7. No Need To Say Goodbye
  8. Some Mother's Son
  9. You Wonder Why I'm Gone

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