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The Day Will Never Come

This song is by Carolyn Arends and appears on the album This Much I Understand (1999).

O my darling, how I wish that I could guarantee
I will always be the things you want and need from me
But life is funny, honey, we both know that that's a fact
And looking at it honestly I can imagine that
I may get crazy - I might get weak
I will forget to think before I speak
But if you're asking if this love will keep
I will not lie to you - I won't deny the truth

The sky could fall on us
The sun could just combust
The earth could turn to dust
And still, whatever may be
When all is said and done
The odds are ten to none
The day will never come
When I don't love you baby
O come what may, the day will never come

O my darling, there are times when I don't recognize
The woman underneath my skin, the man behind your eyes
But love is funny, honey, we both know what it can do
I never fail to catch my breath upon the sight of you
I may get selfish - I might get sad
I will forget sometimes just what I have
But I would have to be completely mad
To ever want to leave - and so you must believe


Written by:

Carolyn Arends

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