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Do What You Do

This song is by Carolyn Arends and appears on the album Feel Free (1997) and on the compilation Seize The Day And Other Stories (2000).

She's on the clock but she doesn't seem to mind
Whatever matters she always finds the time
She laughs out loud when it's funny
And when it's not she sighs...

You do what you do like you know what you're doing
And you go where you go 'cause your feet keep you moving
Through the highs and the lows of the winning and losing
That's the way you know that you're alive

You never know what can happen in a day
She takes the subway at seven anyway
Sometime's the ride's really scary but then sometimes it's great
She says..

Repeat chorus

She's not afraid to live this life
She says it's not like rolling dice
It's in the hands of God so why not...

Written by:

Carolyn Arends and Connie Harrington

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