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Silent Watching Daughter

This song is by Carole Laula.

The mountain lake is black and still
It is deathly quiet
The snow so slowly melting down
Is disappearing white

See the father throw the son
Into the deep to learn his lesson
Baptism in poison water

Silent watching daughter

The boy sits in the parking lot
Spinning to oblivion
The sun beats down upon his black top
His world has no reason
See the father hit the son
Another morning has begun
Little lamb goes to the slaughter

Silent watching daughter

Put it on a plate and they will take it
Any law's a law to keep if he made it

See the wife the little woman
So stupid and so pretty
She would never dare to leave him
Tamed by insecurity
See the husband mock the wife
So this happy family life
Little lessons that he thaught her

Silent watching daughter.

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