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The Girl Who Had Everything

This song is by Carola and appears…

Everyone said she was lucky
Had a beautiful home, in the best neighbourhood.
Never short on friends or money,
maybe just a little too good..

Such a bright future ahead,
thats what everyone said.
Thats what they said..

She's the girl who had everything
She was her daddy's and her momma's pride
She's the girl who had evertyhing,
that money could by..

Her daddy worked late, most every evening,
her mother was just too caught up in herself,
they never knew,
what she was going through,
and noone heard her crying for help..
Any new thing that she'd use,
was no substitute
for the love she couldn't find

She's the girl who had everything
She had her daddy's smile, and her momma's eyes
She's the girl who had everything,
everybody asked why...

She reached for something to hold,
to break ehr fall,
she was losing control,
they weren't there at all,
she felt so lonely and small,

If they'd only taken the time, to know what she felt inside,
before it was too late,
she'd be here today..

She's the girl who had everything,
But sometimes it seems that it just ain't enough,
She's the girl who had everything,
everything but love..
She's the girl who had everything
Perfect smile, was the perfect disguise..
She's the girl who had everything
(Everything but love) She had everything but love
(everything but love) Uh ooh, oooh, yeahh...

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