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If Life Was A Song

This song is by Carola.

if life was a song would you sing it
would you sing it with me
if life was a song would you sing it
would you sing it with me
let's pretend that life is a song

if you're walking on a thin line
drawn between the feeling of love and despair
it's a matter of believing
you can make it hope is everything

gotta wake up it's a brand new morning
gotta wake up take what you need
there's no time for mistake and throw away your heartache, yeah
listen to me baby we can make it if we hurry

if life was a song'

there are days when you grow stronger
the sun is up and good times in the air
gotta make it last longer
you're on top and life is feeling great

gotta wake up'

if life was a song'

no one knows what's in their bag
and heaven knows we're way there
a waste of time gotta give it a try
to turn your lights on come on come on come on

if life was a song' (repeat with ad libs)

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