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Grotesque Expiation Of Dissolute Lambs

This song is by Carnivorous Voracity.

Backslide repeatedly into each deadly sin
You blaspheme with your verbal defecation on the tables of law
Your beliefs expired
But guilt gives back to you in search of pardon
Of salvation
Your disobedience splashes me
Infecting my faith
Creeping as worms
I assume this confessional will be my souls coffin
I hear breathing the undaunted one from the other side
Diffuse silhouette in this perpetual darkness
Wrathful creature manipulating my threads
Rotting every thought with infamous words
Whispers, baffling whispers in my mind
Whispers along with time become in crystalline voices
And these in deafening screams
Urging me evil to mitigate my torment
I use a sacred tool for my assignment
An iron crucifix like hammer
No penance, without purification you will burn for eternity
Now on your cheeks it slides the water that distills pain
I must massacre my brother of congregation
I am the hand of God
I separate the limbs from body
I bash with their heads
I sodomize them with a crucifix
The voices of my head stop
Only heard the blood sprout from the remnants
Of the carved up martyrs.

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