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Anthropophagous Infanticide

This song is by Carnivorous Voracity.

Seven unethical purposes
Equinoccial line, seven kidnappings
Pubescent kidnappings
Sentenced to hideous fate
Immaculate sex desecrates
Used just for mating
Facial court of warning
Used just for mating
Facial court of warning
They are subjected
Tied up with leashes for rigorous rape till gestation
Just a lacerated flesh wrapping
Only as a catalyst keeping inside a delicious, edible
Fed for foetal nutrition during nine months
Starting biological process
Life & death, goodness & malignity they are aligned
Beaten to death in child birth
Cranial crushing for mallet
Bleeding birth, fecal baptism
Anthropophagous infanticide
From death a new life arises
To invest on the reached oldness
The babies being born
Tearing apart the bloated and venous
Pounch of the late deceased mother
Beheaded mother
Once outside the corpses creatures hurry
Against the ground but they are hung
Of the umbilical cord with a pendular balance
Submerge the decrepit ones into hypnotic trance
From which wake up rushing itself of their fragile victims
They devour the bodies of the infants still alive
Agonic wails feed this ritual sacrifice
They nibble their tiny heads
Introduce the tongue by the fontanel later
Orgiatic deglutition at feeling the power flowing
Each regenerating cell inside
Rejuvinating the flesh
Sectarian of dark arts in search of immortality

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