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Anatomic Human Degradation

This song is by Carnivorous Voracity.

I swear by Apollo, the healer
Asclepius, Hygieia, and Panacea
And I take to witness all the gods
All the goddesses
To keep according to my ability and my judgement
The following oath and agreement
Fired for several negligences
My vengeance will be satiated
Studying in a healthy specimen the boundaries of suffering
Insufficient qualities - apt not for surgery
Without hippocratic rules - I amputated for pleasure
Indiscriminated skinning
My scalpel cuts tendons and muscles
The relucent bones, visible upon my precision
I am a fucking sick, arterial envenomation
Inoculating caustic substances
Infections awake new pustules
Sedated you are conscious of the depraved experiment
Necrosis increases my devotion for mutilation
Anatomic human degradation
You see how I empty your dismembered torso
Your agony augments progressively
Before dying you contemplate my sadist onanism
You become incompetent, you become inefficient

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