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XXX Dog Petting

This song is by Carnival In Coal and appears on the album Vivalavida (1999).

Come. Come here.
Don't move.
Sit down and... sniff in my pants.
Don't bite.
Lick if you like my smell.
How... how sweet this fur.
Go on, please.
Gentil le chien! Soon will I come to give you my pride...
(Langue de chien, langue de médecin)
You are my best friend and will stay so now.
Sit on my lap.
It is mesmerizing.
I can't believe it.
I'm so addicted to the way you're lickin'.
No one will tear us apart, never.
(Qui n'aime pas les bêtes n'aime pas les gens)
Amazed by man's best friend.
Does someone understand?
(Fais du bien à un chien, il te chie dans la main).

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